slow food nation exhibit

Studio Terpeluk was selected as one of 14 San Francisco Bay Area designers to design a temporary low-budget ìTaste Pavilionî exhibiting a specific food product for the inaugural event of Slow Food Nation in San Franciscoís Fort Mason.

The design objectives were to allow for large volumes of visitors to experience a wide range of California olive oils while being educated on the history and processes involved in olive oil production.

The pavilion was designed to evoke a complex experience using a simple layout and palette of materials: reclaimed wood, de-mountable steel structure, olive harvesting netting, and olive oil. Every attempt was made to eliminate waste by engaging in the recycling stream.

The visual properties of olive oil, its internal radiance, color shifts, and depth, were of primary importance to the pavilion. Arrayed in a linear sequence, the subtle variations of the oils provide a visual cue to the great variety of regional oils available in California.

Special thanks to Cameron Cooper, Monica Viarengo, Jonathan Katz, David Battenfield, Peggy Knickerbocker, and Robert Fisher for their volunteer efforts.