nasher sculpture center (with RPBW)

Brett Terpeluk Project Architect for Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Project components include: public exhibit space, indoor/outdoor auditorium, outdoor sculpture garden, James Turrell skyspace, administrative offices, restaurant, retail.

Text from RPBW website:

ìThe Nasher Sculpture Garden and Art Museum is located in the heart of downtown Dallas.

The interior museum space is divided into five rectangular and identical pavilions by travertine load bearing walls. Between these massive walls a system of very refined aluminium castings allows only direct light from the North to filter down to the glass roof.

With its classically simple plan, the texture and look of the travertine, and the wall enclosed sunken sculpture garden, the Nasher seems like an archaeological find amongst skyscrapers.î

Brett Terpelukís Role: 2000-2003. Brett played a seminal role in the design and construction management of this project. He was the key liaison between client, contractor, and RPBW, traveling to Dallas on a monthly basis to coordinate the officeís efforts and ensure implementation of the design vision.

Brett provided design and coordination oversight in the following critical areas: building layout and interface with garden and adjacent urban context, full- scale prototyping of custom curved glass roof structural system, stone wall plenum assemblies, low-flow underfloor mechanical system coordination, custom gallery lighting and prototyping, custom cast aluminum ëegg crateí sunshading assembly, tensile roof support system.