hybrid offices

Studio Terpeluk in collaboration with Valeria Cordoso.

Located in San Francisco’s Mission District, the project proposes a ground-up four-level structure on a vacant lot to house a mixed-use of offices, retail and sub-grade parking.

The design objective was to create a spatial oasis within an architectural jewel box, a working environment that reinforced company values and fostered sense of well-being.  To achieve these goals, the narrow building was carved away to allow sunlight to penetrate all levels and roof terraces were distributed to provide access to privacy, fresh air, and vegetation.  The sunlit concrete walls and glass cases were designed to exhibit the company’s artifact collection.

The operable panels of the brass façade allow for varying degrees of privacy at both the street level and conference room.  The ground level contains a car lift for sub-grade parking and a gallery lobby through which one ascends to the offices above or to the sunlit retail space beyond.